Copper Crow Distillery


  • Diverse-Owned Business
    • Native American-Owned Business
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    • Brewery

Copper Crow Distillery

37395 ST HWY 13 - Bayfield, WI 54814
Information: 715-779-0275
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Discover the essence of Bayfield, Wisconsin, at Copper Crow Distillery, the nation's pioneering Native American-owned distillery nestled in the town's northern coastal area. Established in 2017 by Linda and Curt Basina, Copper Crow stands out, offering visitors an unparalleled experience blending tradition, innovation, and local craftsmanship.

At Copper Crow, they have crafted a distinctive range of spirits, including an apple brandy sourced from Bayfield's abundant orchards and whey-based vodka and gin, a tribute to Wisconsin's dairy legacy. Collaborating with local producers and universities, they've pioneered innovative techniques and flavors, setting new standards in artisanal distillation.

Embark on a journey of taste and tradition at Copper Crow Distillery, where every sip tells a story of heritage, innovation, and the spirit of Lake Superior's shores.