Blacklight Tour at Cave of the Mounds

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Blacklight Tour at Cave of the Mounds

Cave of the Mounds
2975 Cave Of The Mounds Rd - Blue Mounds, WI 53517
Information: 608-437-3038
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Blacklight TourFebruary 3rd& 12th  at 4:15 PMWe will have a Guided Black Light Tour with one of our Cave Educators.

Unique Experience to explore the Cave of the Mounds by Black Light. Watch the cave glow under UV Light.

You will learn about ultraviolet light, fluorescence, and see the speleothems GLOW! The tour price includes a black light rental and a guided tour of Cave of the Mounds.

Tickets are non-refundable. Please be aware, that tours are held in the dark which may be inappropriate for very young children.

Tickets are $36.99. Tickets available January 10th, 2023