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Little Wolf River
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Little Wolf River contains an unaltered stretch of the Little Wolf River and its springs, seeps, and tributaries that traverse the area. A narrow corridor of floodplain sedge meadow and black ash swamp flanks the river. At this location, the Little Wolf River is a high quality trout stream running fast and clear. The site also harbors an unfragmented block of northern wet-mesic forest dominated by white cedar with balsam fir, yellow birch, hemlock, and American elm. Numerous large boulders are strewn about the area. The ground flora is lush and dense with several species more typical of southern Wisconsin forested communities. Common species include lady fern, bulblet fern, Jack-in-the-pulpit, wild sarsaparilla, Michigan lily, alpine enchanter's nightshade, and several sedges. Tag alder and black ash saplings are abundant in the tall shrub layer while swamp dewberry dominates the lower shrub layer. An elevated island of northern mesic forest contains large hemlock (up to 24" diameter), red oak, and yellow birch. The uplands to the west are dominated by hemlock with white pine, yellow birch, and some red oak. Red elderberry and raspberry dominate the shrub layer. Old cut and burned hemlock stumps indicate the area may have been impacted during the original logging era but is regenerating well today. Birds include broad-winged hawk, great-horned owl, great blue heron, black-billed cuckoo, ovenbird, and winter wren. The property was donated to the DNR from Jerry and Jill Martin. Little Wolf River is owned by the DNR and was designated a State Natural Area in 2002. The natural is only accessible at this time by water via the Little Wolf River.
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