Genoa National Fish Hatchery

The Genoa National Fish Hatchery rears 23 species of fish including trout, northern pike, and walleye. Guided and self-guided tours are offered. The area has 17 open-air ponds and 6 raceways. Because of its location at the confluence of the Bad Axe and Mississippi Rivers, the La Crosse Chapter of the Audubon Society ranks the hatchery as a top location for bird watching. On a walk among the rearing ponds, backwaters and sloughs you might see Great Egrets, Solitary Sandpipers, Green Herons, resident Bald Eagles, and Pileated and Red-headed Woodpeckers.


Located along Hwy. 35, four miles south of Genoa.

Tour Type

  • Agricultural
  • Walking Tours