Rustic Road 94

Skinner Hollow Road offers scenic views of streams, valleys and wooded areas. Rich in history, the road's name comes from one of the area's first recorded lead prospectors, John B. Skinner. Various prospect diggings or "badger holes" are located along the area's valley, and many Native American artifacts have also been found. As the road crosses Skinner Creek, it passes through an area that was once a mill pond for one of the area's early sawmills. Three cheese factories once operated along the road, although only one remains as a residence. The road overlooks prairie remnants, wetlands and rock outcroppings that provide habitat for abundant wildlife from bald eagles to sandhill cranes.


From Monroe travel State Highway 81 north to Skinner Hollow Road, just pass County Road J, in the towns of Jordan and Adams.

Tour Type

  • Scenic Drives