Alma National Historic District

Alma by Gesell 1890s Buildings
Alma by Gesell 1890s Buildings
Alma by Gesell 1890s Buildings


    • On Water
  • History/Heritage Type
    • Early Industry
    • European Heritage
    • Historic Homes
    • Native American Heritage
    • Transportation Heritage
    • Wisconsin History
  • State Historic Sign Site
    • Yes

Alma National Historic District

Main And Second Streets - Alma, WI 54610
Information: 608-685-6606
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Alma's National Historic District shows architectural styles of the mid to late 1800s & early 1900s and covers over 220 historic structures. It was designated as Wisconsin's first historic district. Alma is located along the Mississippi River, stretched snugly between the river and steep 500 foot bluffs. Early settlers were attracted to the area because it reminded them of their homelands in Switzerland & Germany. The City of Alma is only 2 streets wide & there are 12 historic stairstep streets that allow visitors to travel from Main Street to Second Street.