ATVers Find Plenty of Fun in Wisconsin Terrain Parks

While most of Wisconsin’s ATV opportunities are on-trail tours that cover a lot of ground, the state also offers a trio of terrain parks where riders can hone basic skills, experience advanced riding challenges, or just get down and dirty in some fun mud and water features.

Dyracuse Mound Recreational Area - Nekoosa

Opened in 1982, this 240-acre park is a dream for off-road enthusiasts who want to take a break from long distance trail riding. The park is named for its most prominent terrain feature. Atop the mound, an observation tower provides an awesome panorama of the area. The park has two motocross tracks, a 10-mile enduro trail, two ATV tracks, a track for children, a mud bog area, a shelter house, picnic tables, a playground, and restrooms with hot and cold running water. You can spend a whole day or more at the park, testing your skills and riding over the varying terrain. The park draws all types of riders, from beginners to experts. Several annual competitions are sponsored at Dyracuse, including motocross, hill climb events, and a harescramble. The park is located about 13 miles south of Wisconsin Rapids just off Hwy. 13.

Embarrass River ATV Park - Tigerton

Designed in 1998, the park is a well-planned ATV haven with great trails and camping amenities. The 504-acre park includes a Challenge Area, which is a motocross-type track, and twenty miles of trails that wind through the park’s rocky terrain. The park offers 37 campsites for tents and RVs, many along the Embarrass River. There’s even a family camping area for larger groups. Electrical hook-ups are available and a new shower and laundry facility bring all the comforts of home right to your campsite. An RV dump station, potable water and firewood are also available. After a day’s ride, you can even rinse off your quad in the wash bay. Located just a quarter-mile east of town, the Village of Tigerton administers the park which is open year-round.

Riverview ATV Park - Kewaunee

Developed in 1996, the 20 miles of trail here offer the kind of challenges that make for great riding. The park’s entrance road divides it into two sectors. Wide, sweeping trails to the north culminate in a hill climb area where experienced riders test the engine strength and traction capabilities of their quads. Make it to the top and you can check out the view of the surrounding countryside. To the south, you can enjoy twisting trails under a canopy of thick trees. Rhythm bumps in an oval-shaped trail near the southern end of the park will test your technical riding skill. To the east, an Intense Use Trail dips, dives and turns over a variety of terrain. There’s even is an oval Kiddie Trail.

When you need a rest, you can stretch your legs at the picnic area just north of the parking lot. A pair of farm ponds and tables in the shade makes it a great spot for a family picnic lunch. Restrooms are available.

The park is located about 3 miles northwest of Kewaunee via Cty. C.


Be sure to read the DNRs tips on what to know before you go, here.

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