Caving Destinations for the Wisconsin Spelunker

Explore a world of beauty that lies just beneath your feet! Wisconsin is home to a number of sandstone and limestone caves ready to explore. Lucky for you, no two caves are alike; peculiar looking rock formations, strange carvings and openings large enough to fit the Bat mobile or even Wayne Manor inside!

Up for a challenge? The caves at Ledge View Nature Center in Chilton prove a physical workout. Three semi-wild caves make up the tour, one of which, Mother’s Cave, is done completely by crawling! How about the Crystal Cave in Spring Valley? It descends over 70 feet by a series of steps and ramps. While exploring the many layers of this cave, keep your eyes peeled for fossils. Animal life was abundant in this cave 400-500 million years ago.

You might not automatically think “family-friendly” when you think of caving, but it’s a great way to merge the outdoors, science, nature and adventure. In fact, many caves around the state offer tours for children as young as 5.

The Cave of the Mounds, a National Natural Landmark, in Blue Mounds has weekday and weekend tours. The cave is over one million years old and has beautiful crystal formations called speleothems. Bring along your camera for some photo opps! Unlike other caves, the Mounds allow visitors to take pictures throughout their journey.

For additional resources on caving in Wisconsin, visit the Wisconsin Speleological Society or the Wisconsin DNR, and always remember, safety comes first!

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