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Walls of Wittenberg (WOW) Art Park
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Savor the visual feast waiting just for you in the village of Wittenberg! Since 2005, community members and artists have teamed up to bring color to the walls of Wittenberg businesses and schools. The murals colorfully depict the village’s history, past and current community members, a tropical island, a Warhol-esque set of postage stamps, a pool game, oldtime hardware store, a tribute to firefighters and EMTs, family pets and their owners, and more. Don’t miss the 2013 mural, an enormous tribute literally and figuratively – to the Green Bay Packers and their fans. Two new murals were completed in 2017, and two more were completed in 2018 - a pastoral scene of rural Wittenberg and a larger than life bear with her 2 cubs! Worth the drive! The WOWSPACE, a lovingly restored building that once housed a pharmacy, hosts art shows and other events throughout the year. An Art Park featuring nine sculptures and extensive landscaping complements the elegance of the WOWSPACE. 

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