F.A.S.T: Fiberglass Statue Mold Yard

View Website Favorite (5) 14177 County Highway Q - Sparta, WI 54656
Information: 608-269-7110
Large statue of a scaly sea monster, or a club-wielding caveman, or a humongous green vegetoid. It's majestic, and you find yourself wondering, "Where do they build these big things anyway?" That place is the workshop of Fiberglass Animals, Shapes, and Trademarks Corp., or simply FAST. The company welcomes curious visitors to the Mold Yard, but cautions against climbing on the fiberglass and advises tourists to watch out for wasp nests. It has a peaceful junkyard ambience on a warm afternoon, where visitors can take their time pondering the Devil head next to the old woman who lives in a shoe, and the large, fat, mouse grinning among the weeds. Although Jim insisted that the molds were carefully categorized and organized ("We would know if one disappeared.") they're arranged in a way only that only FAST understands and that Jim was unable to explain.
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