Wisconsin's Most Thrilling Water Ski Show Acts

By Emily Lorenz
Staff Writer

Bet you didn't know Wisconsin is the show skiing capital of the world. Water ski club teams' fast-moving, entertaining shows take place all over the state and include a variety of exciting acts – almost like theater on water. 

Skiers perform gravity-defying stunts, including five-story human pyramids, a ballet line dance, barefoot water skiing and freestyle jumping. Read on for the top teams putting on special shows this summer!

Webfooters Water Ski Show Team – Fremont

The Webfooters have been performing in downtown Fremont since 1976, and in recent years have held the title of the most unique ski act in Wisconsin.

Their show-stopping number includes two pyramids, a doubles couple, barefoot water skiing and jumpers. How can this all be done at once? A faster boat pulling the skiers and special harnesses tethering everyone together make it all happen!

The first pyramid pulls the second pyramid behind them, the doubles couple performs acrobatic tricks above the water and a trio of jumpers leap through 360-degree spins as a barefoot team member shows off his ski-less skills.

The Webfooters perform every Wednesday and Sunday throughout the summer.

Mad-City Ski Team Madison

One of the oldest clubs in Wisconsin, Mad-City has perfected the ballet line. Theirs boasts up to 25 skiers performing coordinated leg and arm routines to music.

This all-female acts starts with everyone lined up on the dock. As the boat starts to pull away and the ropes become taut, the performers step off the dock and ski away arm in arm, performing a choreographed routine practiced to perfection. 

One of hardest maneuvers in this act is when the entire line places their rope between their legs, allowing the skiers to use both arms. Come watch the grace and beauty of this act Sunday nights throughout the summer at Law Park.

Muskego Water Bugs Show Ski Team Muskego

The Water Bugs are home to the No. 1 freestyle jump team in the nation! During this act, three to five jumpers head out to perform multiple inverts and individual jumps. 

A boat takes jumpers over a slicked-down fiberglass ramp at 35 miles per hour, and the smallest wrong move can make for big falls! As the jumpers perform their flips and spins, they travel more than 100 feet and most of the time find the water right side up. 

You can see this high-flying act Wednesdays at Idle Isle Park throughout the summer.


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