Port Wing Boreal Forest State Natural Area

This natural area features two units of northern dry-mesic forest on sand spits inland from the Lake Superior shoreline. The forest has large white and red pines that form a super-canopy over white spruce, balsam fir, red maple, white birch, mountain maple, yellow birch and white cedar. The ground layer contains blueberries, large-leaved aster, and several club-mosses. Between the forested sand spit and beach to the north is a sedge meadow, shrub swamp, and bog. The wetland area is an extension of the estuary of the Flag River, which separates the two units.


For the eastern unit, from Port Wing travel east 1.6 miles on Hwy. 13, turn west 0.2 miles on Lakeview Road, then north on Big Pete Road about 0.5 mile to Lake Superior. For the western unit, from Port Wing travel north 0.6 miles on Washington Ave, turn w


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