Clock Shadow Creamery

Favorite (7) 138 W. Bruce Street - Milwaukee, WI 53204
Toll Free: 414-273-9711

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. Sunday noon-4pm.

Clock Shadow Creamery is Milwaukee's first and only cheese factory. We are committed to being a model local venture. Our goal is to produce the best, freshest cheese. As Milwaukee's first and only cheese factory, we provide a unique opportunity to learn about agriculture and dairy production in Wisconsin. We make delicious cheese on site which gives visitors the chance to see the cheesemaking process in action (and, of course, samples are provided as well!). Our tour also covers the history of cheese in Wisconsin, why the dairy industry is so important to Wisconsin's economy, the value of eating fresh, local products, and the role of dairy in a nutritional diet. Additionally, as one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in Milwaukee, we are able to showcase renewable and sustainable energy and building materials.

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