Follow the St. Croix Art Bench Trail

The St. Croix Art Bench Trail was created as a means of using art to create and strengthen the connections between communities along the St. Croix River Valley. With support from the Phipps Center for the Arts and the Kresge Foundation, local youth, artists, businesses, towns and other community members worked together to design and build benches that represent the essence and history of these wonderful communities.Each of the seven benches tells a story about the history, wildlife and other ways people connect in the area.

The trail takes visitors through many charming small towns, and benches are placed in areas that are great for picnicking or a leisurely day in the sun. The project was inspired by the belief that everyone has a creative spirit which is why it was so important to get so many different types of people involved.Four Wisconsin communities are involved in the project and took it upon themselves to create these works of art in their own unique ways.

Download the Art Bench Trail Map