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With plenty of snow, Wisconsin is a great place for snowboarding. So bundle up and catch some air on one of our many slopes.


The Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden & Museum, located outside of Cochrane, is a must see for those interested in local folk art.

Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden & Museum

We have so much to tell you about Wisconsin, the question is “Where to start?” Rather than inundating you, we’ve assembled some ideas to give you a start on selecting a topic that you can make your own with a customized story angle.

Fall hikes

Family Friendly Activities

Wisconsin is home to dozens of family-friendly travel options that take adventure and learning to a new level… just keep the “learning” part to yourselves and don’t tell the kids.

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Boutique Hotels

From lavish and grand to intimate and cozy, Wisconsin’s boutique hotels are always stylish and offer a personality to match. Learn more about these unique places to rest your head.

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Sand Island Lighthouse in the Apostle Islands

Unique Museums

Wisconsinites have a unique way of taking a hobby and turning it into an exhibit hall. Our state is home to an eclectic mix of museums that go beyond the ordinary. They’re the product of a passionate person with a strong vision.

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National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame

Fall Hikes

With 16 million acres of forest, the brilliant rust, gold and crimson hues that blaze each fall are nothing short of stunning. Here's a round-up of prime locations that are well worth the hike or climb to catch amazing fall color in Wisconsin.

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Ocean-like Beaches

No need to travel to the Atlantic or Pacific to enjoy an ocean or beachside vacation. Check out five of our most impressive beaches that will leave you with no choice but to dive in and head to Wisconsin’s coasts.

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7 Natural Wonders

Wisconsin offers a multitude of world class natural attractions, recreation and more. Here are some of our favorite natural wonders, from caves to trails, that can only be found in Wisconsin.

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National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame

7 Man-Made wonders

Wisconsin is a state that does a bang-up job of making creative thinkers feel welcome; where people who believe no idea is too big or too small to give it a go. The result: the Seven Man-made Wonders of Wisconsin.

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Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin

An Overview of Wisconsin Travel

Wisconsin offers something for any traveler! Here is an overview to help inspire your next Wisconsin getaway.

Ice Cave on Madeline Island

Winter in Wisconsin

Outdoor adventure in Wisconsin doesn’t stop when the temperature drops. The state offers a less well-known (and more affordable) wintry playground that can compete with other more popular snowy destinations.