Baileys Harbor Range Lights

The Ridges Nature Center, 8166 Hwy 57. Established 1869, automated 1923. Between 1869 and 1969 these range lights were used by navigators to safely enter Baileys Harbor. When the unique upper and lower lights were lined up with one light over the other, the sailor knew he/she was in safe water. These lights were removed from service in 1969 and a directional light was placed atop a 31-foot skeletal tower on the shore. In 1993, the Ridges Sanctuary restored both range lights. In 2012, the Lower Range Light underwent a full restoration. In 2015, the lights were relit and are once again functioning as a navigational aid. Plans are underway to restore the Upper Range Light.

Hours of Operation

Both lighthouses are accessible year round but only for walking tours of the outside for now.


Located on the north rim of the harbor about a mile northeast of the Village of Baileys Harbor. Follow Ridges Dr.

History/Heritage Type

  • Transportation Heritage

Tour Type

  • Excursions & Tours