Seven Spots for Stunning Wisconsin Sunsets

By Jonathan Eckelberg
Staff Writer

You may not think ‘stunning sunset’ when you think of Wisconsin, but we sure do have them! The various bodies of water scattered around the state help brighten up the evenings by reflecting the bright reds, oranges and yellows to surround you with beauty.

Check out these recommended Wisconsin shorelines and scenic spots to relax and take it all in, because you really are missing out if you haven’t seen a Wisconsin sunset.

Inn on Madeline IslandLa Pointe (Madeline Island)

With views of Bayfield and the mainland of Wisconsin in the distance across Lake Superior, sitting out near the harbor of Madeline Island is a beautiful spot to catch the sunset. Calm waters and fishing boats making their way back inland provide for a stunning and peaceful evening on the water. Why not grab your ‘honey’ and enjoy this romantic scenic landscape?

Lake Mendota SunsetMemorial Union Terrace

Madison (Lake Mendota)

Whether you’re relaxing with a cold beer on the Memorial Union Terrace, or staking your claim at a spot in Tenney Park with the family, the colors that reflect off the lake really light up the evening sky. Check out the deep red that often appears just before the sun dips below the horizon across the lake.

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Sunset over Green BayFred & Fuzzy’s Waterfront Bar & Grill

Sister Bay

One of the few places you can dine on Door County’s scenic shoreline, enjoy a grilled sandwich or popular margarita at Fred & Fuzzy’s while taking in quite the view. Maybe you’re staying next door at Little Sister Resort or pulling up to the docks on your boat (tie-up is available). Regardless, you won’t be disappointed with an experience like sunset dining right on the water.

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Sunset in Ferryville, WIFerryville

Crawford County

Watch the sun set in the valley surrounding the Mississippi River and Lake Winneshiek. With the lake right there, the waters are fairly calm and the bluffs tower in the distance. The view resembles an oil painting of sorts, and you might even catch glimpses of pinks and purples around the skyline!

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Sunset over Lake HolcombeLake Holcombe

Chippewa County

The crystal clear water of Lake Holcombe soaks up the fire-bright sunset typically seen on the horizon. Varying between a deep red and a bright yellow, this multicolored madness is sure to impress. See it not only in the sky, but reflected near identically in the water in front of you.

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Sunset over a small pondCedar Creek


Nestled among the bluffs of western Wisconsin overlooking Onalaska and the Mississippi River Basin, Cedar Creek combines the rich traditions of the game of golf with unparalleled food and customer service. The Cedar Creek Bar and Grill offers not only a wide variety of menu items along with a casual dining atmosphere, but also the experience of a gorgeous sunset over the tree-line bordering the darkening course.

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Sunset over Oshkosh, WIOshkosh

Not just a typical sunset, it seems this one belongs on maybe the West Coast. Some communities of Oshkosh certainly don’t take the view for granted though. It isn’t out of the ordinary to find bicyclists heading out toward the bright aura, or see a family going for a drive pull over to soak in the colorful sky. You’ll want to take a few moments out of your hectic life to absorb the beauty of this unfathomable sunset.

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