Taliesin Youth Camp: Creative Writing

Taliesin Youth Camp: Creative Writing

*This event has ended. Please return for future event scheduling information.

Taliesin Estate and Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center
5607 County Highway C - Spring Green, WI 53588
Information: 608-588-7900
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The original Taliesin was an ancient bard in Wales. Then Taliesin became a house? In Wisconsin? In a place so beautiful of course tales are told here! And so, inside Taliesin, the house, we will make wild stories filled with wild characters that will echo from the walls and bowels and across the valley. 

We’ll spend time developing our casts of characters, figuring out their curses, their callings, their dark desires, and their destinies. Then we will send these characters on quests for simple objects (maybe tacos?) and then on epic quests across dangerous landscapes where their truest selves will be revealed.Writing fiction is play.

Writing fiction is a game. At the same time, writing fiction helps us find deep truths about the world around us. Let’s use the creative spirit of Taliesin to have a blast and to build beautiful worlds.

This is a day camp designed for students ages 10 - 15 and will take place on the Taliesin Estate in the unique Hillside drafting studio. On the first day of camp students will explore the estate with a guide. Lunch will be provided each day.

Camp hours are from 9am - 4pm Monday through Friday.

On the last day of camp, families and friends are invited to come for a small presentation of the week's projects.