Kids From Wisconsin in New London


  • Wheelchair Accessible
    • Yes
  • Performing Arts Type
    • Music
    • Dance

Kids From Wisconsin in New London

Event Date
Jul 16, 2024. 7-9 PM

New London H.S.
1700 Klatt Rd - New London, WI 54961
Information: 414-266-7067
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The 56th Kids From Wisconsin troupe showcases "Larger Than Life" performing artists in their high-energy 2024 summer tour. The show features kings and queens of rock and pop, bands and orchestras that made history selling out stadiums worldwide, legendary Broadway stars, and classic entertainers who will live forever on the stage and screen. Widely recognized for their versatile talents and groundbreaking performances, these icons launched the music industry and pop culture into another stratosphere. Don't miss this highly anticipated production by Wisconsin's Official Musical Ambassadors!

Ticket info:  TBA