6 Wisconsin Craft Sodas Worth Traveling For

By Daniel Rose
Special to TravelWisconsin.com

Whether you call it soda or pop, Wisconsin has some impressive local brews that are worth traveling for. So ditch the cola and take a trip through this beautiful state to taste the unique fizzy beverages only found here!

Wisconsin is home to both well-known favorites like Sprecher and up-and-coming bottlers that offer much more than the typical tasting experience.

Wisco Pop – Viroqua

This company was started by a husband and wife duo that set out to brew beer but turned to other carbonated beverages instead.

Their ginger soda combines real ginger with fresh lemon, lime and a touch of lavender to create a craft soda that is unique and refreshing! Not a fan of ginger? Try their Door County cherry soda! This delectable drink is made with tart Door County cherries and a pinch of vanilla.

Imperial Flavors Beverage Company – Milwaukee

Imperial Flavors is a family owned and operated company that has been creating great sodas and syrups since 1964.

Though they make a variety of products, we recommend checking out their “Dang, that’s good!” line of craft sodas. With unique flavors like the smooth and sweet Butterscotch Rootbeer and their new Italian Cherry Soda, we don’t doubt that you’ll echo their brand name after your first sip.

J.C. Gray’s – Janesville

Come visit the nation’s oldest beverage company Friday or Saturday for a tour to see how J.C. Gray’s crafts their small batch sodas. After the tour, try their orange cream soda, which has been likened to a dreamsicle!

Gray’s also has an excellent pub and restaurant in Verona. We recommend stopping there during the summer when you can enjoy Gray’s strawberry soda and famous cheese curds on their cozy patio.

Sprecher Brewery – Glendale

Sprecher got their start in 1985 after the owner left Pabst Brewing Company to begin his own venture. Today, Sprecher makes a wide selection of award-winning gourmet sodas and craft beers. You can tour the Sprecher brewery in Glendale year round, but reservations must be made ahead of time.

Most soda lovers are familiar with Sprecher’s famous root beer. However, their cream soda and locally sourced cherry-cranberry soda are both must-try options for when you visit.

Baumeister Soda – Green Bay

Baumeister got their start in 1907 when they began using artesian well water to craft unique sodas. Today, they continue their tradition of quality and innovation by brewing typical soda flavors that stand out from the competition.

Their Baumeister Root Beer soda has won numerous awards and separates itself from other root beers with a bold flavor profile and creamy finish. Their orange and cherry sodas also have a passionate following from customers around the country!

Twig’s Beverage – Shawano

Twig’s Beverage put themselves on the map when Charles Lazier, the creator of Sun Drop, approached founder Floyd Hartwig about bottling his soda.

Today, Twig’s also creates their own line of craft sodas. You can sample a variety of these sodas in their tasting room, including Blue Raspberry, Caramel Apple and Farmer’s Brew Butterscotch Root Beer.

Afterwards, stop by the museum and gift shop connected to the bottling company to check out all the soda memorabilia a pop fan could ask for! 


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