A Wisconsin Guide to Geocaching

Imagine a real-life treasure hunt. Just you, your GPS and the great outdoors. It’s hot, it’s exciting and it’s a big hit here in Wisconsin. We’re talking about geocaching!

The Basics:

Geocaching is an outdoor sport that requires a GPS device to find a hidden, waterproof container, also known as a cache. Some containers used for geocaches could be 35mm film canisters, assorted sized peanut butter jars, large coffee cans, surplus military ammunition cans, or larger. Caches are hidden around the state; their content is a mystery, but if you take something from it, you’ll need to replace it with something else. Geocaching adventures can take an hour, a day or more depending on the difficulty and size of the cache, so be sure to dress for Wisconsin weather…that means multiple layers, hiking shoes, and a water bottle.

Where To Go:

The great thing about geocaching is that cachers have another way to explore all around Wisconsin. Hidden gems you might not otherwise find in a tourist listing. Interested yet? Check out the Wisconsin Geocaching Association’s cache of the month or sign up for the a geocaching event and make some new friends.

For additional geocaching resources, be sure to check out the Wisconsin Geocaching Association. Oh and don’t forget to brush up on the rules of geocaching to keep everyone safe and happy!

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